Welcome to Paul van Harte Photography

Thanks for visiting my website, as a hobby I enjoy wildlife photography, pet photography, landscape photography and general interest.I am especially fond of taking pictures of our two Golden Retrievers,  Charlie and Jamie, both have since passed away. Our new Golden Worthy is also a good and patient model. Check out the Pet Photography Page.

If you like what you see and want some  memorable pictures of your own pets,  but don’t want to spend a fortune drop me an email at vanharte@telusplanet.net


11 Responses to Welcome to Paul van Harte Photography

  1. Noreen Berkes says:

    Hey, Paul

    What a wonderful show of your well-kept talent! I didn’t know you have such an eye for nature. You need to have a one-man show – have a gallery of your photographs in your home (or someone else’s) so that people will know about you and your work.

    Good grief, man! You could earn a living doing this!

    Your bud,


  2. Paul says:

    Noreen thanks for the nice words.

  3. Vera says:

    Hi Paul,
    I had no idea how good a photograper you are! You should publish more pictures on this website, because you have talent and good turn that into a paying hobby.

  4. Dick Miller says:

    You are a man of many talents Paul. Some of us just take pictures and you take photographs. Congratulations.

  5. Thanks Dick, I appreciate your comments.


  6. Sandy Cross says:

    It is so good to hear from you! Having two goldens ourselves we can appreciate your amazing photography. You are truly capturing the essence of these dogs and should continue to develop your obvious talents! Next time we want pictures we know who to call. Your photos are outstanding!

  7. Doug Miller says:

    Very nice Paul. You do have an eye for photography. I can see how it would be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. Hope you’re able to make a few baucks at it too!

  8. Doug, thanks for the comments

  9. Jacquie Haugland says:

    This is God’s gift to you and you’re using it wonderfully. A treat for us animal lovers.

  10. Thanks for the comments. How are you doing??

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